DA Premiere: Stream Bad Royale’s ‘Before Common Era’ EPJpeg

DA Premiere: Stream Bad Royale’s ‘Before Common Era’ EP

2015 has been an absurdly prolific year for Bad Royale. Appearing seemingly from thin air, the collective released their debut EP, “Move Like,” in July on Mad Decent, and have since released two other EPs on Buygore, along with a consistent stream of remixes and original singles. As the clichéd aphorism goes, “two heads are better than one,” so logically the combination of this manic outfit’s four heads lends itself to abnormal heights of productivity.

To say farewell to 2015, the quartet is releasing their fourth and final five-song EP, “Before Common Era” on Buygore. Unsurprisingly, the only consistent facet of the EP is its hyperactive, tribally-infused energy. “Before Common Era,” like Bad Royale’s prior releases, ventures frenetically between a variety of genres – often during the course of a single song. The quartet also characteristically enlists a multitude of featured artists, bringing back vocalist and frequent collaborator Richie Loop for two songs. New to their EP include partnerships with similarly bizarre trio Snappy Jit, established dancehall vocalist Cutty Ranks, and the underrated Ifa Sayo.

Arguably the standout track on “Before Common Era” is “Don’t Forget (feat. Ifa Sayo).” Featuring the sultry crooning of Ifa Sayo, “Don’t Forget” begins as a dissonant trap anthem reminiscent of TNGHT’s “Goooo” and evolves into a melodically-mesmerizing futuristic masterpiece. Perhaps the most reserved release we’ve seen from Bad Royale, “Don’t Forget” is a satisfying insight into the group’s capabilities when they make the rare choice to apply some restraint into their composition.

Stream “Before Common Era” in all of its exotically aggressive glory below, bid a temporary farewell to Bad Royale, who will undoubtedly return in 2016 with at least ten EPs.

Who knew their debut release, “Can’t Stop,” was actually the group’s mission statement?

Home (feat. Richie Loop)

Conquerers (feat. Richie Loop)

Bringing Da Heat (feat. Snappy Jit)

Don’t Forget (feat. Ifa Sayo)

Retreat (feat. Cutty Ranks)

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