Deadmau5 continues to experiment with ‘00002’Deadmau5

Deadmau5 continues to experiment with ‘00002’

Few artists grant the kind of open access to their creative process that deadmau5 does. From hosting Twitch live streams of his studio sessions, to uploading his sonic musings to SoundCloud, Joel is never afraid to showcase his budding productions.

His latest experiment comes in the form of a new series, which began with “00001,” and now continues with “00002.” While the first was an eerie midtempo piece with an irregular rhythm, the second edition brings an ambient offering with plenty of rich sound design and texturing.

The track begins quietly, with just a single arpeggio to carry it forward, before introducing a momentous chord progression. As the pad grows in size, encompassing the entire frequency spectrum, the song ends all too abruptly, just when our attention was most intimately piqued. Whether it’s the triumphant intro to a new song or just another creative musing is hard to tell, but with deadmau5, pieces like this tend to resurface in other forms.

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