Ferry Corsten to resurrect legendary Gouryella in world tourGouryella Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten to resurrect legendary Gouryella in world tour

At the cusp of the Millennium, Ferry Corsten and Tiesto came together and created their legendary act Gouryella. The duo quickly dominated the trance scene, beginning with their debut self-titled track in 1999 which remains a highly-adored classic. By the time Tiesto had departed a mere two years later, Gouryella had already transcended its founders as one of the most memorable names of the genre’s time.

Thirteen years following its last release, this past summer brought joyous news that Ferry had resurrected Gouryella – manifested in the chart-topper “Anahera.” Given a taste of what they had missed, fans demanded more. Their voices were heard: “One question that continues to crop up from the fans is when I am going to bring Gouryella back,” recalled Ferry in a recent statement.  “I’ve always been incredibly touched by the love and appetite they’ve shown this side of my musical career.”

Come 2016, Ferry Corsten will undertake a global tour as Gouryella, crafting his stage design and sets by way of his artistic vision of the ego. This development is welcome news to trance fans, who will surely find it refreshing to hear Ferry embrace more traditional aspects of trance that led him to fame. Tour dates and locations have yet to be announced, but it is certain he will stop in the US.

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