Listen to Flume’s old music on his Myspace pageFlume

Listen to Flume’s old music on his Myspace page

Flume‘s meteoric rise to one of brightest production talents in electronic music at the moment has been a well-documented affair. From helping form What So Not to his genre-blurring solo work, Flume has been on the tip of everyones tongue since his self-titled LP that officially introduced his sound to the world. But before Flume became the international electronic music icon he is today, he had a Myspace page just like everyone else, and surprisingly, a grip of the Future Classic standout’s old music is still sitting there now.

While throwback pieces from a younger Harley like “Late Night Hiss Police” and “Possum” don’t quite inspire the same chills as the music he’s putting out today at the top of his game, his cobwebbed old cuts give one a bit of perspective on where his story began.

Check out Flume’s old Myspace to hear the tracks.

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