DA Premiere: Human Movement & Eekkoo – Better Off Dead (Original Mix)IMG 3587

DA Premiere: Human Movement & Eekkoo – Better Off Dead (Original Mix)

At the same time as most kids were trying to piece together a buoyant route into the underground sound scope, Human Movement appeared to have carved their own pretty unique path. For from your everyday Aussie electronic outfit, the duo’s comfortable sailing into the spotlight came courtesy of inaugural singles ‘To Be‘ and ‘Paradise.’ Shacking up with Prep School Recordings this month for their Dancing Room EP, the duo unites with Canadian peer and Mau5trap faithful Eekkoo for an early standout moment from the impending short-player.

The sinister and rasping tones of ‘Better Off Dead’ are true to what we already knew about Human Movement – the guys make atmospheric and automatically danceable music without the bastardised genre hallmarks. It’s an ominous take on a sound that has fluttered in and out of vogue, but still sounds sweet enough to hold modern taste buds. The edge and fine tuning of Eeeko’s production finesse do Human Movement no harm in turns of sonic stamina, but echoes as a significant spike in momentum for an Australian act keeping the left-of-field on its toes with consistently cool sounds.  
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