Hundred Waters score new short film, ‘Ghosting’Hundred Waters Bittorrent Artwork

Hundred Waters score new short film, ‘Ghosting’

Hundred Waters are a quiet wild card. The Florida-bred production outfit sits up Skrillex‘s sleeve as one of OWSLA‘s most intriguing signings. They are their own festival curators at FORM, and in February of 2015, took everyone by complete surprise, linking with Coca-Cola for one of the biggest Super Bowl ads of the year. Now they can add film scoring to their rap sheet as the band contributes to Ghosting, a new short film included in Ray Ban’s Never Hide Film series.

The feature is just short of 15 minutes, but spares no creepiness in a strange story of clinging affection, and a failed relationship. Hundred Waters provide the chilling musical accompaniment at the end of the film, as they continue to quietly push the envelope in their own creative ways.

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