Iceland is throwing a festival in a glacier before it melts foreverSecret Solstice Festival

Iceland is throwing a festival in a glacier before it melts forever

Earlier this year, Secret Solstice festival caught our attention when the Icelandic party surfaced as the only glacier-based festival in the world. They later made news again when they started offering an outlandish $200,000 VVVV(x100)IP package to attendees. The Langjökull glacier, the festival’s home, is Europe’s second largest glacier and is quickly eroding due to global warming. With its expiration date rapidly approaching, only a handful of people may ever get to experience Secret Solstice.

With a lineup consisting of both indie rock and house talent, the event’s roster spans a wide variety of musical tastes from Of Monsters and Men to Droog to Voyeur and many more. A ticket to Secret Solstice will run festival-goers $269, and WOW Air offers $99 flights from North America to Iceland. You can check out more at the festival website.

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