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ISIS threaten EDM community again, targeting Goa festivals

Goa’s minister of tourism Dilip Parulekar recently disclosed to the IANS news agency that the EDM-centric Sunburn and Supersonic festivals have been ordered to bolster their security in light of recent terrorist threats from ISIS. While he did not elaborate on the exact nature of the threat, it was deemed serious enough for both major festivals to lose their permissions if they did not comply. “…Organizers will also have to increase the security in view of the threat. The permissions will be granted once they comply with these conditions,” he stated in his release of information.

Held during the week before New Year’s, Sunburn and Supersonic festivals are primed to become premier electronic music destinations in India, attracting tourists and locals alike. Their heavy headliner programs include Zedd, Kygo, Martin Garrix, and Axwell.

If their avid use of social media and recent planned attacks on Paris haven’t already made it obvious, evidence points to ISIS primarily targeting the young, progressive population. Finding new ways to strike fear in Millennials, the terror group appears to have discovered the rave community’s potential as a vein in which to sink their teeth. Panulekar’s announcement of supposed ISIS threats against Sunburn and Supersonic comes just under a month after rumors of targeted attacks against a Drumcode party arose. However, Goa’s threats air on the more serious side as the actual government is involving itself. “We want the best security in view of the IS threat,” Parulekar declared.

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