Lightning in a Bottle adds a day with no musical acts to its 2016 scheduleLightning In A Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle adds a day with no musical acts to its 2016 schedule

Lightning in a Bottle has set itself apart from other festivals in recent years with its uniquely ornate architecture, thoroughly non-mainstream lineups, and centrally spiritual focus. This year, The Do LaB have elected to further separate their flagship festival from other events by adding an additional day to their already expansive schedule. However, the addition of a sixth day to the LiB calendar doesn’t mean a sixth day of musical performances. Rather, The Do LaB wish to invite patrons to arrive a day earlier to set up their campsites, decompress from the “real world,” and acclimate themselves to the plethora of performances that they await. LA Weekly reports:

“Inspired by the Boom Festival in Portugal, …the 11th annual Lightning in a Bottle has added an extra day to its Memorial Day weekend run — but it’s a day in which the festival’s many stages will be dormant. Instead, LIB organizers are hoping attendees will use the extra day to relax, connect with friends old and new, and attend some of the workshops and classes that will already be in full swing and are also… a big part of the overall LIB experience.”

Though the now first day of LiB won’t include any musical acts, vendors and a number of non-musical attractions will be set up on the grounds: “Also setting up shop early: the Grand Artique, a Wild West-inspired, ‘fully immersive trading post/general store” with vendors and live entertainment (presumably, on day one, of the non-musical variety). There will also be speakers, yoga classes and other activities.'”

Source: LA Weekly

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