Live Nation’s head of electronic music will not be joining SFXJames Barton Live Nation

Live Nation’s head of electronic music will not be joining SFX

In early December, news broke that Live Nation’s head of electronic music, James Barton, was in negotiations to join SFX Events in a “senior but undetermined position.” Barton, given his successful track record with both Live Nation and Cream, was generally perceived to be SFX’s best chance at successfully restructuring their interminable debt. However, New York Post reports that Barton has opted to remain in his position at Live nation.

According to New York Post, reasons for Barton’s decision to stay at Live Nation range from SFX’s inability to meet his salary demands to Barton’s own concerns regarding SFX’s debt:

Barton’s salary demands were too high for SFX, sources said. Others say he was far more concerned about SFX’s financial issues.”

Amidst Barton’s talks with SFX are other factors which may have contributed to his decision to stay with Live Nation, including SFX bondholders’ hope for a Live Nation buyout and Live Nation’s current embroilment in an antitrust lawsuit.

New York Post further reports that, while Barton will not be joining SFX Events, he is widely thought to be nearing the end of his tenure at Live Nation:

“While Barton remains at Live Nation, music sources say he’s viewed as a lame duck.”

Source: New York Post

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