Lollapalooza expands to four days in celebration of 25th yearLolla 25 Years

Lollapalooza expands to four days in celebration of 25th year

Most cringe at the thought of hitting a quarter-century old, but Lollapalooza is celebrating its 25th birthday in its biggest way to date. Next year, the annual Chicago-based festival will take place across four days and feature upwards of 170 acts. Devoted festival attendees had better mark their calendars as Lollapalooza 2016 will run from July 28-July 31, with tickets becoming available come Spring.

On the expansion, Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell said, “It’s our 25th Anniversary and we wanted to do something really special and different for our fans. There’s a lot of really great music coming out in 2016; with the abundance of talent that wanted to help us celebrate 25 years we got to thinking…’How are we going to fit all those great artists in one weekend?’ Then we thought about what a special day Thursday has become. When the party can’t wait for the weekend, the movers and shakers make it happen on Thursday!  So, we’ve put together an entire additional day of music to celebrate our milestone year.”

Having already announced its first edition in Colombia and an impressive roster for its South American events, it appears that 2016 will be the most significant year for Lollapalooza yet.

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