Los Angeles lifts pending decision to ban electronic festivalsHARD SUMMER 2014 DAY2 17

Los Angeles lifts pending decision to ban electronic festivals

Following the deaths of two attendees of HARD Summer earlier this year, the city of Los Angeles faced a potentially devastating ban on all electronic music festivals in the area. Later, the temporary ban was lifted to make way for HARD’s Halloween edition, Day of the Dead and instead, the city implemented stricter regulations as well as the formation of an “electronic music task force” to emphasize the safety of all concert goers.

Thankfully, it seems as though the city is prepared to forego the initially proposed ban on large-scale electronic events and go by way of harm reduction and education instead. The Los Angeles County’s Electronic Music Task Force has prepared 55 recommendation proposals that will be given to the Board of Supervisors before the end of the year.┬áLikely gleamed off of the incident-free HARD Day of the Dead event, these suggestions reportedly include more free water access points, a minimum 18 and up age limit, amnesty boxes and even a possible halt on alcohol sales at certain times ahead of the event’s closing. Additionally, the Task Force has proposed a ratio of four police officers to every 1,000 attendees.

Though the proposals will make their way to the Board of Supervisors, the actual adoption of the suggestions is left to be seen.

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