Mat Zo revisits traditional trance style with ‘Don’t Say The T Word’ [Free Download]Mat Zo Dont Say The T Word

Mat Zo revisits traditional trance style with ‘Don’t Say The T Word’ [Free Download]

Long past his days as a rising star on Anjunabeats, Mat Zo has become one of the most versatile artists around. The prodigious musician has produced everything from dub to ’80s house, making each genre his own and adding a unique, creative flair not seen too often by his peers. At the root of it all, however, he is a trance producer — which is why the trance family rejoiced several months ago when he announced through his Twitter several months ago that he was toying with a trance track in his studio.

The time has come, and Zo has delivered tenfold. Alluding to trance’s almost taboo status in the electronic music world, “Don’t Say The T Word” is a six minute bout of nostalgia with vintage synths and buildups reminiscent of trance pieces produced in the late ’90s and early 2000s when the genre was at its peak. Maintaining a spry 140 bpm, the tune’s harder kicks and high hats remind us of trance’s close kinship with techno from when it first branched off from the progenitor genre. Available for free download, “Don’t Say The T Word” is easily one of the greatest gifts Mat Zo has bestowed on his older fans as of late.

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