Pierce Fulton & Puppet – Boy and the Beast (Original Mix)Pierce Fulton Puppet Boy And The Beast Art

Pierce Fulton & Puppet – Boy and the Beast (Original Mix)

After both attending the University of Vermont and living in New York City, Pierce Fulton and Puppet have helped each other alongside their individual musical journeys. Both developing progressive sounds with their own unique twists, the two producers decided to push each other outside of their comfort zones with a fun collaborative idea that turned into a full-fledged track, “Boy and the Beast.”

Holding a cinematic aura from start to finish, Pierce Fulton and Puppet paint an ambient yet eerie introduction to represent the boy talked about in the track’s title. Once ‘the beast’ comes to life in the form of an electro house thrasher, a violent concoction of thrashing synths and clobbering kicks represents the darker side to the two-faced production.

In celebration of the release, Pierce Fulton divulged a little background on how he and Puppet began their friendship and how “Boy and the Beast” came to life:

“So Brendan (Puppet) and I actually went to the same college in northern Vermont (UVM), but at different times. He used to send me promos of his older music and I would always make sure to listen and respond because of how rare electronic music was in Burlington, VT back then. Eventually we both ended up living in NYC and after some time of chatting online and swapping music we became close friends. Our song “Boy and the Beast” sort of started as a fun little test because I remember sending the idea to Brendan and I was like “I challenge you to work with me on something in a minor key”. As many of you know, a lot of Puppet’s music is very major and very uplifting so when we developed this dark and intense song together we had such a crazy time diving into a sound neither of us had really explored before. I think it will be an incredible contrast song to his EP and it’s been destroying my sets every time I play it so I’m proud to present my first collaboration in like 3 years, my song “Boy and the Beast” with Puppet. “

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