‘Pure Trance Vol. 4’ demonstrates progressive is ‘Pure’ tooPure Trance Vol 4 Solarstone

‘Pure Trance Vol. 4’ demonstrates progressive is ‘Pure’ too

Four years have passed since Solarstone introduced “Pure” to the trance world, creating a powerful movement transcending subgenres and focusing entirely on the music’s spiritual, emotive aspects. This ethos amassed a huge following of international fans that have since made it one of the genre’s cornerstones. Encapsulating the Pure message to its fullest extent is this year’s compilation mix where deep, progressive sounds are Solarstone’s central focus for the first half.

Due to prior trends in trance, a certain elitist attitude was developed where people began using BPM as an indicator of its purity and automatically discounting slower pieces as “fake.” These claims couldn’t be any more inaccurate, as demonstrated in Pure Trance Vol. 4. Rising progressive star Gai Barone proved a top choice for mixing the compilation’s first disc, traversing a deep, succulent soundscape full of introspective melodies. A “pure” energy is undeniably present throughout the mix, which includes the haunting “Fata Morgana” with Solarstone and “Blank Pages.”

When it came time for Solarstone to take the helm, Pure Trance Vol. 4 reverted to his typical uplifting style. A clear highlight of his collection was his highly anticipated, hauntingly beautiful remix to Röyksopp’s “I Had This Thing.” Other dynamic pieces embodying the “Pure” ideology in the mix were Factor B’s “Sacrosanct,” “Against The Flow” with Stine Grove, and “The Dawn (Till Dusk Mix)” by Woody van Eyden.

Richard Mowatt has an uncanny talent for curating trance; it all truly possesses a “Pure” atmosphere. Pure Trance Vol. 4 not only demonstrated progressive’s ability to fit the archetype, but serves as one of the best compilations to date. You can purchase a copy here, and listen to the following clips below from the compilation.






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