Revols wireless, custom-fit earbuds mold to your ear in 60 secondsRevols Earbuds Photo

Revols wireless, custom-fit earbuds mold to your ear in 60 seconds

The custom earbud is a double-edged sword. Many manufacturers can develop earbuds unique to a persons ear, however, they typically cost them an arm and a leg and take up to a month from order to delivery. Revols looks to change the custom-fit earbud game with their wireless earbuds that mold to a persons ear in 60 seconds all through a smartphone.

The Montreal-based company offers noise-canceling, custom-fit earbuds where users can adjust the soundscape of their environment and use a built-in an equalizer with the Revols app. The wireless earphones use bluetooth technology to connect with the users’ phone and have a battery life of up to 14 hours with the extra battery pack. Revols currently has preliminary agreements with manufacturers and have partnered with ONKYO to provide the hardware’s audio technology.

Revols initially started their Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $100,000, but they have raised almost a million and a half dollars since launch. Backers can donate $199 to the campaign to secure their own pair of Revols when the earbuds are released. The campaign ends in 10 days and details can be found here.

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