Richie Hawtin releases new album, ‘From My Mind to Yours’Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin releases new album, ‘From My Mind to Yours’

Plus 8 Records, Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva’s seminal techno imprint, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. To commemorate the occasion, Richie Hawtin has released a 15 track album titled From My Mind to Yours, a nod to the label’s 1991 compilation of the same name.

“This year is the 25th anniversary of Plus 8 Records, the label that John Acquaviva and I started at the beginning of our technology-fuelled journey into music,” Hawtin said in a statement. “In keeping with the original vision of Plus 8, we decided to celebrate the occasion by revisiting the very reason we started the label in the first place: releasing new forward-thinking music.”

The album spans the entirety of Hawtin’s aliases, from his legendary Plastikman moniker, to more obscure namesakes like Childsplay and 80xx. The music is a mix of acidy, loop-based techno to punishing TR-909 compositions. It’s classic Plus 8 through and through, and a wonderful followup to 2014’s Plastikman album, EX. When all is said and done, the album totals over 2 hours of new music from Hawtin.

“The album is a collection of the various personalities that find their way through the machines during the recording process. This is simply me in the studio, recording every day, with a combination of new machines, a few old effects, recording everything live in long jam sessions and in my mind very much in the spirit of Techno that first inspired me 25 years ago.”

From My Mind to Yours is available for purchase via Boomkat or for streaming via Spotify.


01. Richie Hawtin – No Way Back
02. Childsplay – Stretching
03. Robotman – Simple Simon
04. F.U.S.E. – Them
05. F.U.S.E. – Close
06. Plastikman – Purrkusiv
07. Plastikman – Gymnastiks
08. Circuit Breaker – Systematic
09. 80xx – Creepr
10. Plastikman – Akrobatix
11. Plastikman – Cirkus
12. 80xx – Creatur
13. 80xx – Grindr
14. Plastikman vs. F.U.S.E. – EXpanded
15. R.H.X. – Xtension

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