Spotify incurs additional class-action lawsuit around royalties amid current settlement negotiationsSpotify Logo

Spotify incurs additional class-action lawsuit around royalties amid current settlement negotiations

Spotify has expanded its services considerably as of late, introducing a beatmatched party playlist feature in addition to concert recommendations and exclusive music for its platinum members. Unfortunately, this positive momentum has been met with a few roadblocks, centered around an issue all streaming websites face: royalty payments.

Adding to a laundry list of negotiations which include settlement plans with the National Music Publishers Association, Cracker frontman David Lowery has filed a $150 million class action lawsuit against the company. He stated through his representation at Michelin & Robinson LP that Spotify is knowingly and willingly circulating copyrighted music compositions without regard to the law and obtaining mechanical licenses for doing so. His allegations divulge further that it has been distributing said publications to 75 million people without intent to pay or file for a license to do so despite having already publicly admitted their failure to pay artists properly.

Thus far, the lawsuit is in its early stages with Lowery as the class representative. According to reports, a community of artists interested in pursuing litigation against Spotify will equate to roughly 100, with its constituents calling for $750-30,000 for each infringed work and up to $150,000 for willingly infringed compositions. The lawsuit also demands the website to immediately cease distribution of affected works while paying for a third party auditor to ensure lawful execution of demands in the future.

via: Billboard

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