Spotify introduces new party playlist featureSpotify Party

Spotify introduces new party playlist feature

Targeting the house party market, Spotify has decided to turn their iOS and Android apps into an effortless, portable DJ so to speak. Through a new “Party” feature, users can select one of 12 pre-made, beatmatched playlists for their house party and program them based on three different “moods.” Playlists range from typical party records to electronic music, with one of them curated by Diplo & Friends.

Once the playlist has been selected, songs are mixed into one another as if an actual DJ were spinning live. Early reviews verify what might be expected from the feature: playlists containing primarily pop, hip-hop, and R&B tend to have a few hiccups in transitioning while playlists skewing towards EDM work more naturally. The Party feature can be located within the “genre & moods” section of the iOS or Android applications.

Via: Digital DJ Tips

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