Watch a man’s 6-year-old daughter flawlessly patching a modular synthModular Synth 6 Year Old

Watch a man’s 6-year-old daughter flawlessly patching a modular synth

We’ve seen quite a few prodigious young people over the past few¬†years. Child DJ extraordaires Aiden Jude and John Anthony, ages 9 and 10 respectively, stole headlines with their appearances in clubs and festivals. South African toddler DJ Arch Jr recently was awarded the winning title of South Africa’s Got Talent for his mixing skills at the tender age of 3.

A new video has surfaced of a young prodigy, this time on the production side. Synth artist Mark Steiner recently posted a video of his young daughter Christa, 6 years old, patching a Eurorack modular synthesizer to create a unique sound out of a tennis ball. According to Steiner, no one believed him when he told them of his daughter’s abilities so he decided to make irrefutable film proof. It appears his daughter is already set to¬†overtake her father based on the complex and flawless job she did seen in the above video.

via: Fact Mag

photo credit: Modcans

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