Amtrac releases new EP, ‘Lost In Motion’AMTRAC Long Nights Original Mi

Amtrac releases new EP, ‘Lost In Motion’

Amtrac’s rise to dance music fame may have been facilitated by some stellar remixes over the years, but his original creations are arguably even more appealing. Tracks like “Walkin” and “Hold On” for instance have earned him acclaim in mainstream and underground circles alike. The Kentrucky-born producer’s newest release is Lost In Motion, a three-track EP of original tracks out on Super Music Group.

The EP is notable for its inclusion of Amtrac’s own vocals. “Long Nights,” for example, enacts a somber narrative with Amtrac’s verses providing an emotional touch to his typically refined house arrangement. “Darkest Sound” works off a similar formula, providing a club-friendly cut with an easily palatable bassline. Lastly, “Once Is Enough” rounds out the EP with more superb, classic house flavor.


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