Anonymous target The Prodigy frontman Keith FlintKeith Flint

Anonymous target The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint

Anonymous have made a name for themselves by targeting organizations and individuals that go against their core values – most notably hate groups and terrorist organizations. Now, it appears that Keith Flint, The Prodigy’s frontman, has joined the Westboro Baptist Church and ISIS on Anonymous’ blacklist. In a recent video, Anonymous chastise Flint for having a “fetish for murdering animals” and “rubbing shoulders with tory criminals whilst out fox hunting,” following Flint’s move to the Essex countryside.

In the video, the group laments Flint’s digression from their anti-establishment mores: “throughout the years the Prodigy made music about rebelling against the establishment…you disgrace what we stand for [sic].” Anonymous claims that they will “politically kill Keith” if he does not change his ways in one year, and further make the distinction that their video is not a threat, but a “warning.”

Whether Anonymous’ primary gripe with Flint is his perceived animal cruelty or his friendliness towards British conservatives is unclear. Flint joins Kanye West in the ranks of musicians that have lost face with the group.
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