Audio Technica have made a bluetooth turntableAudio Technica Bluetooth

Audio Technica have made a bluetooth turntable

Earlier this week, Panasonic made the news cycle by releasing a revamped line of their Technics 1200s turntables to the tune of $4,000. Alongside Panasonic’s unveiling of their high-budget classic, Audio Technica have announced the release of their new, modern take on vinyl.

According to FACT, Audio Technica’s newest turntable, the AT-LP60-BT, “can broadcast vinyl to speakers wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.” The turntable is significantly cheaper than the new Technics, retailing at $180.

Audio Technica have made a bluetooth turntableAudio Technica Europe

However, there is some question as to the purpose of a Bluetooth turntable. Any audiophile with a proclivity for vinyl generally favors wax to wav because of the warmth of analog sound and nostalgic purism, so is it not counterintuitive to risk compression loss by converting the analog sound of vinyl to a digital platform? The AT-LP60-BT will be available for purchase next month, so we’ll have to wait until then to see.


Photo via Audio-Technica Europe

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