[UPDATED] Scalper attempts to sell Bassnectar’s Golden Ticket; Bassnectar responds11536024 10153430576829301 8319494469903457270 N

[UPDATED] Scalper attempts to sell Bassnectar’s Golden Ticket; Bassnectar responds

UPDATE: 3:00pm EST: It appears the scalper did in not fact own the Golden Ticket, but rather posted someone else’s photo of the prize, forcing Bassnectar to cancel the ticket in the process.

Scalpers are considered the low of the low at music events. Venues and organizers have continually tried to eliminate these vultures looking to scam hopeful attendees, but their presence is hard to deter.

Back in December, Bassnectar launched his Willy Wonka-like Golden Ticket contest, but it seems one shady individual tried to make some extra cash by selling his ticket after finding it. As you’d imagine, Lorin Ashton is having none of it. The bass ringerleader called out the would-be-winner on Facebook and warned all fans to not attempt to buy a Golden Ticket from anyone.

The contest began when Bassnectar opened up an online store for fans to buy organic chocolate bars, five of which contained Golden Tickets that granted free admission to the inaugural Bass Center 2016 camping festival. Unfortunately, all of the Golden Tickets have been found as of this week.

You can read Bassnectar’s full warning about the scalper incident below.

Attention! We have cancelled the Golden Ticket that a sad man named Deryck is trying to scalp – ticket code: QR8X92M. As it states in our contest rules: ticket are non-transferrable and not for resale and any attempt to violate this rule renders the ticket void. (And as it states in the book of common decency: don’t be that guy.)

The only way you can get a golden ticket is by winning one!!

Posted by Bassnectar on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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