Benga officially returns with new EP, ‘Future Funk’Benga Future Funk Press Shot

Benga officially returns with new EP, ‘Future Funk’

Everybody loves a good comeback story. Think Rocky, Daft Punk, MJ returning to the Bulls in ’95. Few things are better than watching a virtuous comeback unfold with a triumphant ending. As it happens, we are watching British dubstep pioneer Benga come full circle on his storied comeback right now. After announcing an abrupt retirement from music more than two years ago, it came to light that the beloved BBC DJ had been struggling with mental health issues Now, Benga is finally ready to reintroduce himself to dance music, and he is making it official with Future Funk.

Remarking on the upcoming release, it seems Benga is more ready than anyone else to put the past behind him and get back to the music:

I’m back and I think my sound is the most ‘me’ it’s been since ‘Diary of an Afro Warrior’ and I’m super excited to play it and reconnect with all of the people who have supported me.”

Slated to land on February 26 via his own Benga Beats imprint, Future Funk is a three-track release led by “Make Moves,” a sassy acid cut that demands a extra little elbow room. As Benga seals the deal on an inspiring comeback, it’s worth remembering that in some cases, time away from the thing we love the most can sometimes be the best thing for us.

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