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Coachella takes legal action against spinoff festival ‘Hoodchella’

For those unfamiliar with the topic, “Hoodchella” is not a nickname ascribed to the predicted reunion of NWA at Coachella 2016, but rather an non-condoned spinoff of Goldenvoice’s flagship festival. Event organizer Kamil Al-Ahdali ran the first Hoodchella festival last year on April 11, coinciding with the second day of Coachella’s first week. While the first installment of Hoodchella — which featured performances from Odd Future members and a number of DJs — risked provoking Goldenvoice with its blatant trademark infringement and scheduling, Al-Ahdali elected to poke the bear even further this year, expanding his event to run for three days the weekend before Coachella 2016.

After submitting a series of unheeded requests that Al-Ahdali change his event’s name, Goldenvoice has filed a lawsuit demanding that the Hoodchella relinquish its title among other damages. Billboard reports:

“Essentially, all Coachella wants is for Hoodchella to change its name, obviously inspired by the Indio money maker, explicitly writing in court papers that it has no problem with another festival occurring per se, but that Al-Ahdali (and the rest of Hoodchella’s unnamed organizers) ignored repeated requests by the Coachella team to change the name of their event.

The lawsuit is fairly straightforward, with Coachella seeking at least $100,000 — in addition to the injunction, attorneys’ fees, the surrender of Hoodchella’s domain name and other damages.”

Billboard further reports that Goldenvoice’s suit against Al-Ahdali denotes that the company spent over $680,000 to promote Coachella last year, and executed an ad campaign that delivered more than 60 million online impressions.

Hoodchella has publicly responded by promoting a petition stating “we are not in anyway [sic] associated with coachella [sic] and we have never been associated with golden voice, AEG, or Coachella. It’s clear that our fan base knows we are two completely different establishments being that we already gained a fan base from our past underground art and music shows.”

Via: Billboard 

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