DA Premiere: Lookas & CrankDat link up for trap-metal hybrid ‘Game Over’Artworks 000141964328 Agy4 T

DA Premiere: Lookas & CrankDat link up for trap-metal hybrid ‘Game Over’

As CrankDat works on earning a name for himself in the trap scene and Lookas looks to rebrand his image for his forthcoming project, the two artists have put their heads together for a new trap-metal hybrid.

“Game Over,” as it’s known, is a heavy driving force that relentlessly hits with hard percussion and thick 808s until it quickly ceases short of the four minute mark. The track leaves a lasting impression, interestingly, not for its electronic section, but for its use of instruments and other aspects of its rock roots.

The release marks a return after a long four-month production silence from Lookas, while bolstering the quickly building catalogue of CrankDat. Ultimately, “Game Over” succeeds on all fronts, and shows promise for both artists going forward.

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