DA Premiere: Mr.C – E-Motion (Noël Jackson Remix)MRC HJ 007

DA Premiere: Mr.C – E-Motion (Noël Jackson Remix)

Mr.C is a bona fide rave legend. Having come to fruition in the music scene as the front man of Scottish psychedelic dance act The Shamen, he made a name for himself in the clubbing world after opening up historic London venue The End in 1995. Nowadays, Mr.C serves as the head of underground-savvy imprint, Superfreq, which relaunched in 2013.

Mr.C’s newest release for the label is “E-Motion,” an acidy warehouse cut that comes equipped with a 10-minute remix from LA resident Noël Jackson.

Mr.C said of the track: “My original version is about feeling the emotion in the bass, the depth in the lead pad synth, the dub in the chord stabs, the psychedelic nature of the acid line & the rebellious punk attitude in the vocals. The bass line is the main hook with a low frequency isolation which makes the frequency open & close giving nice movement.”

Noel continued the sentiment: “The original is one of my favorite tracks – elements of dub, electro, acid, and even punk. It’s an honor to remix such a legendary and influential artist’s work. So, it was a big undertaking for me. I took all the E-Motion I had and let it flow out. I whipped that puppy hard and let the baseline rise (as the song’s lyrics say) hit it with some toys from my bag of tricks, sprinkled a few micrograms of acid on it and, put it in the oven. Out came a techno banger – feel free to call it ‘Noël’s Techno Destroyer Remix’ – only for those brave enough to drop it.

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