Dillon Francis previews his nearly finished rework of Skrillex’s ‘Red Lips’Skrille And Dillon

Dillon Francis previews his nearly finished rework of Skrillex’s ‘Red Lips’

Skrillex finally graced fans with the release of his remix of GTA‘s “Red Lips” and the short cinematic feature that came along with it toward the end of 2015. While we were still celebrating the long-awaited release, Dillon Francis was quick to stoke the flames, announcing he would be dropping a moombahton edit of the track sometime in the near, although indeterminate future. Now it seems as though Dillon’s spin on Skrillex’s rendition of “Red Lips” is nearly a finished product.

Taking to Snapchat to preview the track (and get working professionals through their day jobs every day), Dillon briefly gives a peek at what he has up his sleeve, and it sounds like the “Red Lips” hype may soon be back in full swing behind the impending remix. Snarling synth work and deafening kicks pump through Dillon’s monitors as he dangles another filthy remix in front of us, while we patiently wait for any more details on an official release.

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