Experimental electronic and rock venue Flash Factory to open in New York on January 23Flash Factory Yuka Yoneda

Experimental electronic and rock venue Flash Factory to open in New York on January 23

Flash Factory, a brand new music venue in Manhattan, will open its doors on Saturday, January 23. The 10,000 sq.ft. venue is geared toward accommodating “…the movement of experimental or alternative electronic and rock music,” according to Michael Satsky, founder of Flash Factory.

As the mastermind behind Provacateur and Stereo, Satsky’s name is well-known among the New York club industry. His newest venture employs church-themed decor to outline the spiritual experience intended to take place within the space, complete with stained-glass windows, lounge areas lined with pews, and doors taken from a convent. Satsky notes the center stage is oversized to allow for “any type of show.” He goes on: “The main room is built like a theater with an arched ceiling and a vertical dance floor, which creates an incredible energy — almost a tunnel effect.”

Flash Factory will be the first Manhattan venue in recent history built specifically to house experimental techno, alternative electronic, and rock music. Until now, clubbers looking for this type of fare would have to travel to the outer boroughs of New York to experience such an event. Located at 229 W28th street, the venue’s inaugural performers will be revered techno act, The Martinez Brothers.

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photo credit: Yuka Yoneda

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