GMM: Mr. Carmack goes in for a full hour on new Triple J mixMr Carmack Facebook Photo

GMM: Mr. Carmack goes in for a full hour on new Triple J mix

One thing everyone should know about Mr. Carmack: once you catch on to his sound, there is no going back. The Soulection proponent has become something of dance music’s resident experimenter, shunning anything that resembles cookie-cutter EDM. Instead, he churns out gnarly grooves that attempt to challenge the rules that by which most others abide. Mr. Carmack offers an enticing sound – certainly an acquired taste – but once you are hooked, nothing else manages to satisfy in the same way. Carmack’s legions of fans will tell you the same, and the best starting point for someone looking for a Carmack crash-course might be this new mix for Triple J.

Serving up an full hour-long dose of his signature style, Carmack laces together a mix packed with his massive catalog of work. What’s more, Carmack fans have another reason to celebrate. Over the airwaves, he announces that a record, one that’s been reportedly in the works for some time, is nearly complete. With a new mix to vibe to and exciting news to salivate over, 2016 is already shaping up to be monumental for Mr. Carmack.

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