Goldwash – But U Won’t (Original Mix) [Free Download]But U Wont Goldwash

Goldwash – But U Won’t (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Baltimorean dark horse Goldwash laconically labels his music as “existential funk.” The producer’s choice of nomenclature is as broad as it is intriguing, but provides a very accurate description of his sound. Goldwash’s most recent track “But U Won’t,” which premiered for free download on Pigeons and Planes, indicates well what his curious classification entails.

Vibrant vocals and buoyant bass lines meet soothing synthesis and pleasant piano to culminate with a product that isn’t entirely funk, isn’t entirely house, isn’t entirely jazz, and isn’t entirely nu-disco. Rather, “But U Won’t” – and by extension, Goldwash’s composition – exists harmonically among the aforementioned. Registering somewhat like an upbeat, chilled out parallel to Rustie, Goldwash is sure to have his breakthrough moment before too long.

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