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Good Morning Mix: Gesaffelstein at Coachella 2015

Earlier this week, Goldenvoice revealed the lineup for 2016’s installment of Coachella. In spite of the roster’s mixed reception, this year’s iteration of the festival may favor electronic music more than any year prior, with a hefty portion of electronic acts, the interminable presence of DESPACIO, and a slew of techno icons like Adam Beyer, Maceo Plex, and Dubfire.

What remains to be seen, however, is which electronic act will have the most lasting impact of the year. Last year, the answer to that question was undeniable. In the months leading up to Coachella 2015, techno fans were woe-begotten after Gesaffelstein announced that the festival would host his final live set. As longtime devotees and new converts to the elusive artist eagerly resolved to see his Aleph performance before its retirement, Gesaffelstein’s Coachella set became one of the event’s most-anticipated shows.

As anyone who witnessed Aleph‘s swan song will report, Gesaffelstein’s final performance lived up to all expectations. There are a number of strata which factor into Gesaffelstein’s performative majesty. Mike Lévy’s studio productions are (almost) unilaterally ominous in their manifestation. In one respect, his live set mirrors this typification, as he proffers a slew of live edits to his original compositions amidst a backdrop of meticulously-calculated, starkly white beams of light. Conversely, Gesaffelstein endows his live edits with an variety of emotions that transform the personality of his original productions, without detracting from their darkness.

Gesaffelstein commences his Coachella performance with an uncharacteristically groovy rendition of “Opr,” peaks halfway through with a series of energetic “Hate or Glory” embellishments, and concludes with a jaunty re-imagination of his inherently aggressive original, “Duel.” Between these three benchmarks, Gesaffelstein graces Indio with diverse live spins of Aleph and pre-Aleph originals and remixes, such as his haunting edit of his own remix of The Hacker’s “Shockwave.” Last year, Gesaffelstein became the benchmark of an iconic Coachella set. Who, if anyone, will supersede him in 2016?

Listen to Gesaffelstein’s weekend two performance in its entirety below, courtesy of Tracklistings 2.0’s SoundCloud.

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