Haribo is making DJ-themed gummy treatsScreen Shot 2016 01 14 At 3.01.41 PM

Haribo is making DJ-themed gummy treats

Sort of like Candy Cigarettes for the Rave generation.

If there’s one thing that should be in every raver’s survival pack its a bag of delicious gummies — the more sour the better — and what better way to keep your sugar high going than a handful of DJ-themed gummy pills?

Haribo, lords of all things delicious, have created a new line of candy perfect for your next festival experience. The DJ Brause (DJ Sherbert) gummies are a nod to the 90s acid house era and include all of the buttons your favorite DJs love to push.

You won’t have to sneak these pressed pills into shows in your underwear.

Haribo is making DJ-themed gummy treatsDj Brause Haribo

You can order some here.

Via: Mixmag