James Blake honors David Bowie in new mix for BBC Radio 1James Blake 1

James Blake honors David Bowie in new mix for BBC Radio 1

Abstruse and ever-experimental, James Blake unsurprisingly draws from an eclectic well of influences over the course of a DJ set. In his most recent mix for BBC Radio 1, Blake joins fellow 1-800-Dinosaur cohorts Connan Mockasin and Dominic Maker (of Mount Kimbie) . Throughout the two-hour mix, Blake and company traverse a wildly diverse musical topography ranging from Aphex Twin, to Kode9, to Three Six Mafia.

Around forty minutes into the mix, while fading out of Mark Fell and Gábor Lázár’s hectically dissonant “Untitled (6),”James Blake switches tones to broach the topic of Bowie’s recent death:

“I don’t that that we could really do this radio show without mentioning the fact that the great David Bowie has unfortunately passed away; And I think that in his honor, we should play a couple of tracks. All of us are big fans of his.”

Blake and Connan Mockasin bashfully note that they hadn’t known Bowie’s 1974 track “We Are The Dead” prior to his death, but found it unfortunate that the song hadn’t become more well-known. After “We Are The Dead,” Blake transitions to “Blackstar,” the titular track from Bowie’s most recent album.

James Blake recently showed his musical roots from Bowie’s era when he hauntingly covered Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound Of Silence” in October on BBC Radio 1.

Stream James Blake’s BBC Residency mix here.

H/T: Music Times

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