Listen to Malaa’s latest genre-bending mix, ‘#9’Screen Shot 2016 01 06 At 3.56.16 PM

Listen to Malaa’s latest genre-bending mix, ‘#9’

Masked producer Malaa has dropped another track, but the world is no closer to discovering his identity. Once again, though, the clandestine artiste proves the hype that surrounds him is based on far more than just an anonymity stunt. Part of his “Who Is Malaa” mix series, #9 is half an hour of frenetic rhythms, shifty breaks and thick, throttling basslines. Like its predecessors, the mix is a twisting sonic journey that switches from funky and intense, to dark and tribal, and back again at a breakneck pace. For those who’ve never heard Malaa, the mix may sound haphazardly constructed at first listen, but give it another go: the flow is seamless, and each sonic surprise is more welcome than the last. Try to keep up if you dare.

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