New Altec Lansing headphones have a built-in live-streaming cameraAltec Lansing

New Altec Lansing headphones have a built-in live-streaming camera

A new pair of headphones has been unveiled that allows artists to treat their fans to exactly what they see when they’re up on the decks.

At CES 2016 in Las Vegas, audio electronics company Altec Lansing announced the new DVR DJ-style headphones. Aside from the pair’s 40mm drivers, the headphones come with a 1080p action camera built in.

The left ear cup is something of a “DJ GoPro,” allowing the wearer to record their vantage point from a front-facing camera at 30 frames per second. The cans even have built-in wifi, so the footage can be uploaded and streamed live on the internet, or stored in the headphones’ 8 GB internal memory or optional 32 GB microSD card. The battery life lasts up to seven hours — more than enough for any festival sets in the coming months.

The headphones will ship later in the spring in Q2, and the MSRP is $199.99. The headphones also come with instructions for downloading Magistro, an iPhone and Android video editing app that allows artists to edit and post a mini-movie in minutes.

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