NIGHTOWLS give Rusko’s classic ‘Woo Boost’ a 2016 re-work [Free Download]Woo Boost NIGHTOWLS Remi

NIGHTOWLS give Rusko’s classic ‘Woo Boost’ a 2016 re-work [Free Download]

Rising out of the Los Angeles bass scene, NIGHTOWLS have had a powerful introduction to the dance world with a debut single on Buygore and plenty of popular remixes. Inspired by Rusko’s seminal 2010 hit “Woo Boost,” which they labeled as “one of the first songs that made us fall in love with dance music,” the duo enters 2016 with their own version of the beloved dubstep number. The signature bassline and central riff are retained, yet twisted around and re-molded into a modern bass house offering adorned with light trap snares upon the drops and crunchy synths that identify the tune as a NIGHTOWLS production. Ultimately, the re-work of “Woo Boost” highlights just how skilled NGHTOWLS are at putting together sounds and attracting a bevy of fans who resonate with their eclectic, heavier style of production.

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