Skrillex’s suspected collaboration with K-pop group 4minute to arrive in February

Skrillex’s openness to making music of any genre is one of his most fundamental traits. From dubstep and electro house to hip hop and Bieber-pop, seemingly no musical style can cause Sonny Moore to falter or blush.

Skrillex branched into Korean pop to a degree with 2014’s “Dirty Vibe,” which saw him and Diplo recruit K-Pop artists G-Dragon and CL for the international single. Earlier this month, a series of photos posted to Instagram by Korean girl group 4minute — as well as Skrillex himself — suggested that they were currently working with Moore on their upcoming EP.

skrillex 4minute Skrillex 4 Minute


Now, as reported by Beatport, Kpop Herald, a division of The Korean Herald, has essentially confirmed the news: “This album was collaborated with famous American DJ Skrillex for a unique track,” they wrote, referring to 4minute’s new EP, Act 7. 

Further sites, such as KBS World, have also referenced the collaboration as a done deal, saying, “As famous American DJ Skrillex is collaborating in the work, many of the group’s global fans are more excited.” Skrillex’s camp has yet to officially confirm the collaboration, despite the ongoing reporting of Korean news sites. K-Pop columnist Jeff Benjamin was told “no comment” by Skrillex’s rep in regards to the veracity of the collaboration.

4minute rose to popularity after one of their members, Hyuna, provided vocals on Psy’s historically viral “Gangnam Style.” Their new EP, Act 7, is slated to be released February 1. As such, we may very well be hearing some Skrillex-infused K-Pop in the coming weeks.

Via: Beatport