Tokimonsta – Surrender feat. Gavin Turek (ES.P remix)Screen Shot 2016 01 14 At 2.52.44 PM

Tokimonsta – Surrender feat. Gavin Turek (ES.P remix)

Magic City’s own ES.P has quickly blown up in the future house and indie dance scene with his forward-thinking style and mastery of the art of cross-switching. From incandescent synth work and kaleidoscopic melodies to deep thumping beats and sultry funk-inspired grooves, the Miami producer is adept at sourcing inspiration from his vast and varied musical background. His most recent creation is a unique take on Tokimonsta’s “Surrender” featuring vocalist Gavin Turek. Unlike his dreamier, more ambient work, this remix takes listeners back to the past with an old-school ’80s style beat. Make no mistake though, it still carries plenty of that hazy, sepia-toned softness that has become something of a staple for ES.P. The remix is available now via Young Art Records.

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