Uncovering Malaa: Tchami and DJ Snake’s enigmatic side project?

It could be argued that “Who is Malaa?” was one of the greater questions facing dance music fans in 2015. The enigmatic figure cropped up last year when his remix of Tchami’s “After Life” was unearthed alongside a teaser produced by DJ Snake and Tchami’s videographers, Chivteam. In November, Malaa proceeded to debut on the latter’s new imprint, Confession.

As it turns out Malaa is not a “he,” but a “they.”

At its core, the masked side project is most likely composed of Tchami and DJ Snake, which isn’t a stretch of the imagination as both artists are credited on each other’s productions ubiquitously and have connections to the project via remix work. There is also reason to believe that Mercer is involved in the three-way collaboration as he shares the same management team as Snake, Tchami, and Malaa. Either way, both Snake and Tchami have a history of working together behind the scenes, often hiding their identities in the process.

Although still speculative, Redditors have unearthed further proof of the connection via some high quality internet detective work. DJ Snake recently hinted at his participation in the side project by favoriting an otherwise random tweet in which Malaa was mentioned as he and Tchami’s “side project.”




Furthermore, Malaa’s identity was potentially revealed via a Facebook event description at SF’s 1015 Folsom. Although, to be fair, the artist name was spelled incorrectly.



While there has been no official announcement from either artist or their management, the trail of bread crumbs leads directly to longtime collaborators Tchami and DJ Snake. With Malaa’s production and mixing prowess in mind, it’s a compelling hypothesis, and one that frankly makes a lot of sense.

What do you think?

Via: Reddit

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