um.. – Skrillex 2 [Free Download]Um.. Skrille 2

um.. – Skrillex 2 [Free Download]

How does one really describe um..? We’ve described Ben Bruce and Dylan Gold’s music as “trepidatious” and “amorphous,” while they’ve described it themselves as “shitty spaghetti.” Neither assessment is invalid.

No matter how you choose to characterize um..’s perpetually preposterous musical stylings, one certainty is that after a year of releasing music, the abstract artists have begun to break from obscurity with a formidable resolve. Bruce and Gold made waves recently with their official mix for Nest HQ. Now, to celebrate a year of unsettlingly bizarre production, um.. have begun releasing aggressive VIPs to escalate their compositions from being cerebral to caustic. Following “We Copied Us” (a VIP of their own “Don’t Copy Us”), um.. have released “Skrillex 2,” a recapitulation of their original homage to their inspiration-turned-supporter, Sonny himself.

Like “We Copied Us,” “Skrillex 2” is a far more vitriolic vision of its predecessor. While the group note that they always envisioned themselves going in a heavier direction, the pervasive addition of further distorted bass does not detract from the peculiarity of the original production. Erratic percussive samples and modulated animal noises are just as central to “Skrillex 2” as the strident gridiron synth patterns that characterize the track.

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