Valentino Khan drops mind-bending music video for ‘Deep Down Low’Valentino Khan Diplo And Friends 2015 Artwork

Valentino Khan drops mind-bending music video for ‘Deep Down Low’

Valentino Khan‘s “Deep Down Low” was one of the biggest hits of last year, finding its way into sweaty festival tents and club sets alike. The mustachioed maestro offered up a stomping dance cut that secured a spot on our top tracks of the year list, and inspired a number of different remixes. Now, however, “Deep Down Low” is finally getting an official music video release: a hypnotic head-scratcher to accompany Khan’s rump-shaking breakout hit.

There’s no delicate way of describing the video for “Deep Down Low.” It has some impressive dancing, a talking fish, and a Skrillex cameo, but at the very same time, it’s like watching yourself on a spiraling acid trip that you can’t look away from. The video is beyond strange, yet it somehow comes to describe the track quite poetically, as with most videos that emerge from the OWSLA camp.

Valentino Khan has proven his worth in everything from hip-hop to jungle terror, and now, with a new video to add to his catalog, expect one of Skrillex’s favorite producers to keep churning out big tunes as we move into 2016.

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