Watch The Chemical Brothers’ new music video with BeckChem Bros Live

Watch The Chemical Brothers’ new music video with Beck

In the storied past of legendary dance music veterans The Chemical Brothers, 2015 stands out as one of the duo’s most exciting years. After five years of silence, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons ended their production hiatus with the release of the Grammy-nominated Born in the Echoes. Widely regarded as one of the best electronic albums of 2015, their collaboration with Beck, “Wide Open,” was one of the album’s most talked about tracks.

For the song’s newly released video, The Chemical Brothers partnered with directing duo Dom&Nic – a partnership that led to their winning MTV’s Best Video Award for “Believe” in 2005. In “Wide Open,” Dom&Nic match the blissful wistfulness of the song with a film that is equal parts uplifting, morose, and esoteric. Dancer Sonoya Mizuno solemnly performs a buoyant choreography alone in a parking garage, as her body gradually devolves (or evolves) into a hollow shell. As her form becomes progressively open and empty, her heart notably remains intact through the whole video, leaving viewers to draw an ambiguous conclusion.

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