Watch Swedish churchgoers rave at a ‘techno mass’ in 2011Rave Church

Watch Swedish churchgoers rave at a ‘techno mass’ in 2011

There are some distinct similarities between a rave and a church service. Just as the priest stands behind his altar, leading the parishioners to worship in unison, the DJ stands behind his or her booth, inciting the crowd to revel in a musical sermon. Stockholm Reverend OIle Idestrom recognized this parallel as a viable way to attract a more youthful congregation to his parish, All Saints Church, in 2011 and established a “techno mass.”

British outlet On Demand News drolly reported, “The church, which once struggled to attract four to the floor, is now packed to its 400 [person] capacity.” Watch Idestrom’s congregation raucously worship “at the altar of dance” above, and assume that All Saints Church’s communion wine contains the Blood of Christ and nothing more.

Via: On Demand News

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