ZOOM’s  ARQ Aero RhythmTrak lets you make a full track on one interfaceZoom ARQ

ZOOM’s ARQ Aero RhythmTrak lets you make a full track on one interface

Japanese company ZOOM has unveiled an innovative tool that is sure to capture the attention of all producers: an all-in-one instrument.

Akin to a spaceship in its appearance, the ZOOM ARQ Aero RhytmTrak is composed of two primary components that together allow the user to compose an entire track. Its first component is a storage unit packed with 468 drum and 70 synth sounds along with an array of sound effects which can be expanded through USB or a sound card drive. Finishing touches on the piece can also be applied with built-in mixing tools.

The ring controller is built with sensitive areas that allow melody creation and drumming; melodies are produced by assigning different musical notes to keys. Its quirkiest yet most intriguing feature is the three-way accelorometer also located in the ring controller. Simply by waving or tilting the ZOOM ARQ, it allows producers to switch sounds around or implement a sound effect. Both parts are coordinated through Bluetooth.

Premiered during this year’s edition of winter NAMM in Anaheim, the ZOOM ARQ will be available for $599 beginning April.

photo credit: ZOOM

via: Fact Magazine

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