Artists speak out at rally for ongoing opposition of Sydney’s lockout lawsRally Sydney Lockout Laws

Artists speak out at rally for ongoing opposition of Sydney’s lockout laws

Following the death of two young Australian party-goers in 2012-2013, which were seemingly caused by random acts of alcohol-induced violence, the New South Wales (NSW) State Government was pressured into creating the so-called “lockout laws,” which introduced earlier closing times for bars and music venues and harsher penalizations. The laws have sparked major controversy, being considered by many as an overreach by the NSW government that has caused a 40% reduction in live music ticket sales revenue. Today, an enormous opposition rally of an estimated 15,000 people took place on the streets of Sydney, organized by advocacy group Keep Sydney Open.

Nina Las Vegas, a local radio host and DJ and one of the notable speakers at today’s rally, made the point that she would not have her career without the vibrant nightlife the city once enjoyed. Other artists have also come out in opposition to the laws, such as Flume and his fellow Future Classic artists, stating that the lockout laws are severely hurting the culture of the city that provided them the opportunity to flourish.

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Along with the speeches were performances from Australian musicians, such as Art vs Science, who played a fitting cover of Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right.”

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