BBC to consolidate its television and radio divisionsBbc Logo

BBC to consolidate its television and radio divisions

In the largest corporate overhaul in its 93-year history, the BBC is expected to drop its television and radio divisions. The move is part of a massive restructuring initiative by the company’s director-general, Lord Hall.

As reported by The Telegraph, “Lord Hall will give a speech before Easter in which he will unveil proposals to axe the corporation’s existing channel-based structures, fundamentally reshaping the organisation into content and audience-led divisions.”

The aim of the reorganization is to streamline the company’s structure, consolidating channels such as Radio 1, Radio 2, BBC Inform and more into larger umbrella divisions such as BBC Entertain. Radio 1, for example, would likely fall under BBC Youth, a subdivision of BBC Entertain. The implications for the actual programming behind stations such as Radio 1, however, remain unclear.

For now, BBC’s existing radio and television channels will continue to broadcast as normal.

Via: Telegraph UK

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