Beatport releases free BitTorrent starter pack for producersElecsetup

Beatport releases free BitTorrent starter pack for producers

Beatport has released a free production starter pack as a BitTorrent bundle. The pack, which contains over a gigabyte of free samples and tutorials, is part of Beatport’s efforts to bring in aspiring producers to its music retail platform and draw attention to its production-tool outlet, Beatport Sounds.

This move comes during difficult times at Beatport, which was forced to suspend royalty payments in August while SFX Entertainment, its parent company, moved towards privatization amidst lawsuits and bankruptcy.

The BitTorrent bundle platform, which allows users to bypass the download limits imposed by Soundcloud and other services, has become increasingly visible as a vehicle for music distribution, with artists from Moby to Diplo having released material through the service in the past.

The Beatport bundle can be downloaded here.

H/T: Factmag

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