Berlin’s Tresor to honor 25 years with a festival and international showcaseTresor 25 Years

Berlin’s Tresor to honor 25 years with a festival and international showcase

Legendary Berlin techno club Tresor has announced an ambitious plan to celebrate 25 years since first opening its doors. The soirée will be composed of three parts: an international showcase touring thirteen different cities between April and June, a compilation release encompassing the club’s entire existence, and a three-day festival in the German capital in July.

Founded in March of 1991, Tresor was instrumental in establishing the techno culture that came to define the recently reunited city.

The most notable stop on the club’s international leg is Detroit, the birthplace of techno and the one city that can compete with Berlin in terms of the genre’s bona fides.  Further, Tresor’s founder, Dimitri Hegemann, is a leading member of the Detroit Berlin Connection — an ongoing cultural exchange initiative between the two cities — and has previously announced his intention to renovate one of the Motor City’s iconic abandoned buildings into a new club of his own.

There are few details available regarding the 25-year compilation, but the label did announce upcoming releases from Borderland (the duo of Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald), Terrance Dixon, Objekt, Mike Parker, Mike Huckaby, Dasha Rush, Marcelus, Mønic, and Claudia Anderson, with others still to be announced.

The showcase kicks off on April 2 in Milan, before heading to Detroit on May 28, and concluding in Berlin on July 21-23.


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